Monday, January 4, 2010

Las Vegas Baby!

After a fun little road trip from Utah, we arrived in Las Vegas. Since we have no place to live we just started to drive around. Our previous internet searches turned out to be duds when we went to visit the properties. Either too scary, too far away, or too expensive. We went to a church and asked the bishop if he had any ideas and, I hate to say this, but he was less than helpful (something like, "Um, well, I don't know. Good luck, bye"). So we just decided to "wing it" and we drove around the area of the high school where Job will be teaching. We drove around for hours just checking out places (there are not many options in the area we are looking though). I never realized how creepy Las Vegas can be. The closer we got to the strip the more so of course. We saw a girl get off a bus and she was grabbed by some guy. She was screaming and yelling that he was kidnapping her, he continued to haul her off etc... The police came and we never saw the end of it but this was right outside the little motel we are staying at. Needless to say I bolted myself into our room today while Job is teaching. So, while at first we were a bit discouraged at our first day in Las Vegas, we decided to just think of this as another adventure together ;)

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