Friday, March 26, 2010

California Dreamin'

A few weekends ago Job and I made a kind of "on a whim" trip down to the California coast to visit my grandma and uncle. It was such a fun relaxing weekend, I wish we could do it about every month or so ;) Eating grandma's divine food (we were living off of leftovers at that point) and spending time with my uncle Ron just chilling was a nice break from the hustle of Vegas. And they have FLOWERS in CA! ;) I had almost forgotten what they looked like.....

There happened to be a kite festival on the beach the weekend we were there. It was really cool to watch.

I guess that bird couldn't read....

This was Job's first time to a California beach. He loved it! :)

We hit up the cutest surfing museum ever! Way fun, it made me want to learn :)

A cool bird preserve right off the beach

The awesome harbor. I love kayaking here. We didn't get to go this trip but it is on our list for next time ;)

Thanks Uncle Ron and Grandma for giving us such a fun, relaxing weekend in California!

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  1. Yay, you have a blog too! I love checking up on everyone and seeing what they're up to now. I loved our nursing group! It will be strange to start with a new one, esp since I'll be starting up w/ a group that's been together for 2 semesters already, but oh well. Well when I come back fall, we may need to get everyone together and have a reunion! And, I love the beach! Glad you're doing well!