Monday, April 19, 2010

While my honey is gone

Job has been in Canada and Washington for the past week (with another week to go) touring with the BYU-Idaho symphonietta orchestra. He is having way too much fun and it is a great opportunity for him. He graduated officially this past week so this was his last big BYU-I event that he can be a part of. They invited him to go along even though he was graduated so he jumped at the chance. They have a ton of fun things planned from the concerts, to the Vancouver temple open house, to tulip farms and aquariums.
While he is off having fun I have to make my own fun here. I hitched a ride down to Provo to see my mum and sisters which was really good. I know I would have been miserable here alone all week (or at least not have had as much fun as I did in Provo). The girls had a play they were in, I worked out with my mum, had a game night with extended family, did craft and organization projects, and just hung out.
I am back in Rexburg now so am up to my own devices as far as figuring out fun. But I have a lot of friends and babies I need to go visit so that will keep me busy :) Not to mention school starts tomorrow so that will definitely keep me going.
I am thinking of working on a few projects around the house for when Job comes back. He is always so good to surprise me when I am away and I think it is his turn to have a fun surprise :)

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