Monday, May 17, 2010

Fun with Friends

Friday night Job and I went over to dinner at our friend's house, Shawn and Michelle and little baby Camden. Michelle and I are pretty darn smart and worked it so that us hanging out would count as part of a school project I have. Hmmm, that's my kind of project ;) Michelle made a delicious meal (I want those recipes! :) and then we played cranium. Couples against, it was NOT Job and I's night. Haha we lost pretty embarrassingly but it was way fun anyways. Michelle and I won the next round boys-against-girls so that helped me pick my fallen pride up off the floor.
How do you pronounce sherbet? I always said sherBERT until my ways were changed by Michelle ;) I will no longer disrespect the name of sherbet.
Shawn whipped out the Wii fit and we had a blast. These are times I wish we had a camera! I really wish we had pictures of Job and I trying to head soccer balls, haha. Our wii fit ages were also pretty dismal. Job says we need to buy a wii so we can improve on that. Nice suggestion hun ;)It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed ourselves.
Thanks Shawn, Michelle and Camden for a really fun evening! :)

Left to right-Rachael, Michelle, Job and Shawn-haha I crack myself up. (can you tell I am putting off homework? ;)

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