Sunday, May 23, 2010

Interview Day!

For the past months....starting before we were married, Job and I have been working on his green card and getting him to be a permanent resident. It was a looonnnnggggg, expensive process but as of Friday it is over!! :) Yahoo! Friday we had our interviews at the U.S. department of Homeland security in Boise. Whew, that sounds scary huh?! Well it did to me and I was way nervous. Have you seen The Proposal? Well that is the kind of interview it was, basically to make sure we really were married, we love each other, and that Job didn't pay me to marry him. haha well even though I love him to death and we have nothing to hide I was nervous. But it was not bad at all and didn't take too long. We were supposed to bring evidence of our relationship so I spent time before putting together a little scrapbook and gathering fun things. The lady interviewing us was nice and looked at everything as part of the interview. She told us, "this is the best part of my job, I want to see pictures!" ;) Anyways it was not bad at all and we are soooo excited to be done! Congrats Job for getting your green card!

After a lot of work, it is done!!! = ) Rachael and I are so excited for this new chapter in our lives! New exciting adventures are to come for us! That day at Boise we left that house around 5:00 am and we were back around 7:30 pm... long time in the car!!! but it was so worth it to get this process done!! Rachael is the best co-pilot in the world! We got a little bit tired and we stopped in our way back to Rexburg and took a little nap. She always keeps me awake and alert! Well, thank you so much baby for all of your support!!! Love you! = )

Some pictures from our adventure:

Gotta start off the day with some hearty granola! Even if it is 3:30 in the morning! (the blurriness is about how I felt this early in the AM! ;)

Telling his familia the good news!

Our not-so-healthy-but-yummy celebratory lunch :)

We made a stop off at the Boise temple while we were there. This picture is thanks to Job's timed photography skills :)

I love this boy!!

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  1. Yay I'm so glad for you guys! Also if we lived in the same state I would crash your Sunday breakfasts all the time. Just sayin...