Monday, September 27, 2010

A true Boston date night :)

Job took me on a FABULOUS date on Saturday :) It started with a trip to the beautiful Boston Temple. We hadn't been to this one yet and it was a wonderful experience as the temple always is :) We live close by so plan on going back often :)

Later that evening we were able to attend a top-notch concert by Job's violin teacher Markus Placci and an amazing pianist Roxana Bajdechi. They are both absolutely fabulous musicians! The concert was at Steinway Hall here in Boston so was filled with gorgeous pianos! It was a Polish program which was really cool because I don't know much about Polish music and I really enjoyed it. Chopin was Polish and who doesn't love Chopin :)
After the concert there was a wine and cheese reception (minus the wine for us ;). We got to visit with the wonderful artists who are so gracious and kind, enjoy delicious cheeses and fruits, and oogle over the beautiful Steinway pianos.

After the concert we took a walk through Boston Common, a famous park here in Boston. It is so beautiful at night! Everything is lit up with old fashioned lamp posts, there are ducks and swans swimming around in the ponds, and bands playing along the bridge.

Trying to get a picture of us and George Washington. Fail.

That's a little better :) It is hard to get pictures at night ;)

Next we walked down Newbury street which is the Champs Elysées of Boston. Tons of high fashion shops and cool restaurants line the street. At the current time we are just observers of Newbury street ;)

Ahh fabulous Vera :)

Next we stopped at an old church square and listened to an awesome jazz/funk band playing. We think they were Berklee students because Berklee is famous for it's pop/jazz/rock type music.
Then we stopped in Copley Square to check out the beautiful trinity church there.
And to complete a wonderful night, delish late night pizza at Anthony's :)
Thanks for a fabulous date babe, you're the best :)

Side Note: If anyone comes to visit they too can experience wonderful dates like this ;) We are so excited to be able to show people around this beautiful and diverse city :)

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  1. Oh my goodness!! How fun! I want to come! That sounds like an amazing date night! My favorite part is bands on the bridge.. How awesome and romantic is that?! Glad you guys are having fun!