Thursday, September 16, 2010

Boy's First Haircut (by wife ;)

Job finally let me cut his hair! :) I have been wanting to do it for months (since we have been married actually) but he is....particular about how he has his hair cut so he always went to the same girl back in Rexburg. Well, we are not in Rexburg any longer and his hair was getting out-of-control so I begged some more, played the "we are impoverished college students" card, and he finally gave in ;)
I make it sound bad, but he actually was a really good sport about it :) Thanks honey! I think we will do this more often! Once a month in fact!

O.k., this being my first official haircut (I have trimmed my daddio and Job but never a full blown haircut) I documented each step haha :) Join me on our little hairy adventure...

The "before". This was taken on his B-day with his breakfast in bed. So a little wilder than usual since he just woke up but not much ;) Time for a cut no?

Job teaching me how to do it. What a great guy! :)

The killer mohawk I gave him :)

Our new pet "Samson" ;) I considered calling locks of love for this one. I think we had enough hair.

And we are done folks! Job looking all respectable and headed off to school :)


  1. Looks much, much better!!! Great job Rachel! :)

  2. ha ha.. yeah he was def in need of one! good job. I need to learn how to do a fade so we don't have to pay to get scott's cut every saturday!