Monday, October 25, 2010

New Found Favorites :)

Job and have been continuing on here, enjoying what life has to offer :) We have been incredibly blessed in so many ways, I am grateful that we are able to have such a wonderful opportunity to be here.

Some of the fun new things we have discovered around Boston these past few weeks:

Haymarket! :) I stumbled across Haymarket unintentionally while I was walking the Freedom Trail with a friend of mine. It seemed like fun and I love outdoor markets (they remind me of good times living in England :) so Job and I decided to go back the next week. As I was looking up the subway station I realized this was Haymarket! It is a well known open air produce market that has been open in Boston since about 1830. The prices are absolutely incredible, and we have decided to shop their each week or two. We come home each time with our arms loaded with bags of all sorts of fruits and veggies. Divine! The prices are so much better than the store we were shopping at (a few weeks ago we went in to get some basic produce (apples, carrots, grapes etc...) and came out with two little bags costing $57, ouch!) At Haymarket we buy our produce, hit up some little bakeries and cheese stores nearby to finish off our trips and we are set to go :) We come back with TONS (bags and bags! ;) of produce, specialty cheeses, and bread for $15-30. What a deal :)

There is a subway stop right next to the market. Handy dandy! ;) Job says Haymarket reminds him of markets in Mexico so he loves shopping there.

Another fun thing we were able to do recently is the New England Aquarium. I love sea animals and so always love going to a good aquarium. Job has been to several big ones, but he says this is one of his favorites, he loved every second of it :)

Touching the sea animals :)

Piranhas!! :) This one is for my sister who is on a mission in Brazil, traipsing through the Amazonian jungle :)

Pretty fishys :)

Job's favorite was an ENORMOUS sea turtle in the main tank. It was so big! We sat there forever just watching it swim around haha :)

Another fun thing we are able to do weekly is attend concerts here. We have Boston Symphony Orchestra/Boston Pops/Boston String Players/Tanglewood season tickets so we go to a concert at least once a week between those concerts and ones at Job's school. It is great for Job due to his profession, and I love music so I just sit back and enjoy ;)

A shot of the symphony hall. It is one of the top three concert halls in the world acoustically speaking. (We took a tour ;). It is a beautiful hall and we enjoy going each week.

There are many, many more things to discover here and we are excited to find them. It is like a treasure hunt! :)

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