Monday, November 8, 2010

Tortilla Party!

Yesterday was tortilla making day, hurray! :)

Recipe for the Salazar's Tortilla Making Party:

Start with an adorable husband (a cute Mexican is our preference but change according to your tastes. A best friend or your child can also be substituted with equally delightful results)
and add some hard core mixing skills:

Then shape the dough while whilst wearing your lucky tortilla making shirt. (The one modeled here is an authentic Tigres footballer's [soccer] shirt and works nicely)

Disinfect the table and gather the rest of your materials. (The intense disinfecting process being CRUCIAL for germaphobes like myself)

THEN start whipping those tortillas out like there is no manana! (nice action shot huh? ;)

Finally, enjoy the fruits of your labors by cooking up a couple of tacos to eat. You too will look this happy afterward :D

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