Monday, November 8, 2010

Life's little car hassels

Disclaimer: This post is for my own venting purposes. Those wishing to commiserate and then count your blessings may read on. Those looking to forgo a trip down "whine-with-me lane" may choose to look to happier posts. :)

We love that we have our car here in Boston. It helps us get around where the subway won't go, it helps us take trips to far off lands like Quincy, it helps us shop for enormous, food storage sized bags of rice for our eating pleasure etc... Trust me, we love little ol' Hubert. But lately stress has seemed to flock around him.

1. We got a notice in the mail-SECOND NOTICE, WARNING, OVERDUE. All this from the New Jersey turnpike office. Apparently we didn't get into the correct lane "quick enough" (don't you think you should take pictures AFTER to make sure someone actually did go in the wrong lane?) so they took a picture of our plates and sent us a fine. Annoying since we didn't really do anything wrong. But what-ev right? We'll pay a couple bucks no prob. Well it was more than a couple bucks. And apparently this was our second notice and it was already 5 days overdue. WHAT?! We are not ones to leave payments unpaid, be late with payments or any of that stuff. It just stresses me out and I like to have things done quickly. So this stressed me out that the first notice we were getting was already way late (turns out they sent them to an address that Job hasn't lived at for a year). So we called to take care of the problem but no one could really help us. Apparently our "case" was sent to collections. Gosh I feel like a criminal. I am still trying to work this one out but no one will call me back. Apparently if this is not paid within 3 more days we will be fined $500 and go to jail or something. Sheesh. :(

2. DMV to get new plates and licenses. Lines, grumpy people, $325. Need I say more?

3. We tried to put on our snazzy new Mass plates but something happened to one of the screws in the front and it will not unscrew. Nope, not going anywhere. This means a trip to some mechanic who will charge us big bugs to rip that sucker out and drill new holes in our poor Hubert.

4. MA requires emissions testing for all cars each year. Just another thing on the list for this week.

Perhaps we will dump the car and become super earthy, walking everywhere in bearskin moccasins.

Well that was all pretty pessimistic, but therapeutic for me ;)

I think what this venting has made me realize is that even with the hassle we are very blessed to have a working car that gets us around. I love you Hubert! ;)

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