Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Tales

Job and I have had a fun start to the Holidays during the Thanksgiving break. He got Wednesday-Friday off school so we partied a little :) He did have an orchestra gig that weekend in Cape Ann which took up the evenings, but we took full advantage of the days he had off.
To start we went to the Museum of Fine Arts here in Boston. I have been wanting to go for a long time now and I was not disappointed. It is an awesome place filled with many mediums of art including paintings, furniture, sculpture, jewlery, pots, etc... it even had mummies! Talk about a wide variety :)

The enormous baby head greeted us as we entered. (There were two actually, one on each side. I guess huge brass lions are out of style ;)

They had a cool room filled with instruments from all around the world. The violin in the lower right of the picture was something really cool I can't remember. An old Cremona violin maybe? I will have to check with Job. I just know he got really excited about it and we had to take a picture ;)

As always, my favorite room was the one filled with Impressionist art. I always have to find that section in museums :)

After the museum we went home to pack for out little New York trip and catch a little nap. Our bus was scheduled to leave at 1am, but we didn't get out of there until after 2am...something about there not being a bus there. Hmm, you'd think that would be the first thing to make sure to have at a bus stop...

But we made it on the bus and on to New York city! :) It is around a 4 hour drive so we all just tried to sleep as much as we could during that time. (all=we went with a little group of friends. They are awesome and I am glad we could all go together)

We got into New York early, 6am or so, and everyone was hungry so we made a McDonalds stop. haha my first stop in NYC, glamorous no? Job and I just got a hot chocolate and chowed down on the food we had brought. Which was a lot. I am pretty sure we thought we were spending a week there. Our whole backpack was stuffed with all sorts of food. We only ended up eating a small portion but I guess it can't hurt to be prepared ;)

We ended up finding a great* spot right in Times Square to watch the parade. It fills up fast so we had to be there early and sit for a couple of hours to claim our spot. But it was worth it, the parade was so much fun to see in person. I remember having in the background as we cooked growing up and I always got distracted watching it :)

A few shots from the parade:

After the parade we hit up the M&M store just to look around and warm up, and then checked out Rockefeller Center. On the way we had to get some street food, Check out the street performers,

And stop to look at all the pretty scarves and knock-off purses for sale :)

  I think I want this star on top of our Christmas tree :)

Someday Job really wants to ice skate at Rockefeller center. There was a line a mile long that day though so we passed. 

We then went to go get our Thanksgiving meal. We hit up a little New York deli place, yummy :) So dinner was a Ruben sandwich and split pea soup. I am totally ok with that :) We shopped around for a little while after that and then decided to catch the bus home. The museums and a lot of other things were closed that day so there was not a ton to do. Luckily we live close to NYC so we are planning on going back again soon :) Happy Thanksgiving!

                      (Tired on the bus from a long, fun day :)

Oh, and I can't forget, Job and I got up relatively early to go Black Friday shopping! :) First time for both of us :) We mostly just wandered around, getting items totally not Black Friday-ish like toothpaste, but we enjoyed it :) We did score a pretty good deal on a router at Best Buy, and we upgraded Job's holey pants to some nice new jeans and a pair of cords. We figured a hole in the crotch would lend itself to winter breezes getting all up in there and no one likes that ;) Plus, he was getting some stares from the ladies sitting across from him in orchestra. Shocking!!

*Our great spot turned into not as great when 5 minutes before the parade was to start the police crowd control led a whole bunch of people of our precious spot. They have barriers which no one is supposed to pass and we were almost to the front of the barriers. So they led these people (still don't know who they were, must have been "important" or something ;) right in front of our barrier. They just plopped themselves right there and blocked our precious view. I got over it quickly, I couldn't change it and so I just wanted to enjoy the parade. But this one guy and his family by us went CRAZY. Seriously they were yelling at the police the whole parade. He kept calling police over to complain, asking who the chief was, leading the crowd in yelling revolts. O.k. this was half funny, half seriously annoying. He ended up getting a reporter to talk to him for a while and get the story. I get his frustration, we all had been waiting for hours to get these good spots and then some random people just block our view. But he took it preetttyy far with the yelling the whole parade. Anyways, just had to share that tidbit. It was a memorable part of our day ;)

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  1. How fun, I'm jealous!! is probably a little pathetic but I get so excited when I see that you have updated your blog, haha. Oh well. :)

    P.S. You guys have almost been married for a year!! WOW crazy!!