Saturday, December 4, 2010

New England Fall

All right, I know Fall was so yesterday and I am way late with this post but I need to document a little bit of our Fall fun and the beautiful colors :) Then I promise I will come to reality that it is Winter ;)
Also, I just realized I posted a ton of pictures. I couldn't help it. I just loved the Fall here, it was so beautiful and new to me :) And trust me, the pictures just don't do it justice, the colors are so vibrant in person.
 A friend and I took a tour of Harvard where these next few pictures are from. It was a gorgeous day and the campus looked so pretty with the trees against the old brick buildings.

                                                     Memorial Church

 Job and I were on our way to somewhere when we saw this little nature trail by the Charles River. We couldn't resist. We stopped and took a little walk, took pictures, and enjoyed the colors :)

  This is a little historical cemetery near our house. We thought it was pretty cool.

 Job blindfolded me one Sunday to surprise me with a walk by the Charles downtown on the Cambridge side looking across to Boston. We pass it every week on our way to church and I have always wanted to stop and walk along it. So we did. And I loved it :)

I am excited for next year's Fall already. I want to take some trips to other parts of New England to capture more of the natural beauty.

We got up this morning and really felt the cold. Winter has come to Boston :)

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