Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Few Weeks of December Fun

 Job practiced his little heart out and rocked his juries (the main finals for music majors. You play in front of a bunch of important people who then pick you apart, eeek I think I'd take multiple choice any day ;). His first semester of grad school went better than we could have hoped. We have been very blessed and I am so proud of him :)
 After finals we went with a group of friends to celebrate!! This is at a favorite spot near the school, Woody's Tap and Grill. It has some of the best pizza! We shared a gouda cheese, sausage, and mushroom pizza with a friend and are now hooked. Totally delicious :)

Oh, amidst all this fun I graduated from college with my BSN (bachelors of science in nursing). :) Happy day!! Since it was online this last semester and correspondence from Rexburg I didn't walk or anything but Job made sure to make me feel special for finishing :) I do feel happy that I have successfully finished my undergraduate studies. My experiences in college were some of the most exciting, challenging, and FUN times I have ever had. I will miss it but am excited for new challenges and adventures to come.
 Once we both finished our semesters we finally found time to decorate our little apartment for Christmas. You've got to have cocoa while decorating so I whipped some up for us to begin our festivities :)
 We weren't really planning on decorating much, mostly to keep costs down and such, but my sweet family surprised us and sent a couple of boxes filled with Christmas delight. They are way too good to us :) It made our apartment festive and fun, and we really enjoyed everything they sent.
 Decorating our little $1 Christmas tree from Target ;)
I didn't know what we would do for a tree this year since we didn't have any decorations (until the packages of course) but then I went into target, saw this little guy, and knew we had a winner ;) I Charlie Browned it up with a tinfoil star, and then filled it up with all the fun decorations that my family sent. Fun story about the decorations, my grandma on my mum's side made/bought them for all her grandkids (50+ grandkids!!!) before she passed away. It is so special to have all the decorations she made and collected over the years.
 Our little tree was very well endowed after I was finished with it :)
 Job was the light guy. He strung little twinkles around our balcony sliding door and we enjoyed the effect.
 Cheery, cheery!
 That stocking is the one I have used my whole life. My sister just reminded me that A patient of my dad's made them for all of us kids back when he has his private practice in California. I remember he was always coming home with cool gifts from patients. All his patients loved him so much :) The fam sent one for Job and I "embroidered" a J on some paper with green thread and then stuck it on. Haha yeah I know, I am very crafty ;)
 The wreath I made at a church relief society activity. It is fresh evergreen boughs so it smelled so nice.
 Our little cocoa cups like to hug ;)
 We wrapped up a few gifts for teachers, friends etc...
And then we were plain tuckered out :D


  1. So, side note, the stockings weren't made by our grandma (either one) they were made by a patient of dads. They just loved him. I think that is the story. But I am pretty sure that Grandma didn't make them. So many people loved dad and so I think it was one of his patients, but I am not sure where. Hanford maybe?

  2. Thanks Jessica :)

    Oh yeah! I have corrected the post :)