Friday, January 28, 2011

Homemade Glass Cleaner

Wanna see my bathroom mirror?

Of course you do!! ;)

See how pretty and shiny and clean it is? :)

Wanna know HOW I got it so clean and shiny? (don't answer that, probably most of you don't care ;)

Well I'll tell ya anyways.

Add two drops (yes drops) of dishwashing soap to a spray bottle of water.

Spray and wipe people. It works. No steaks, no nothin'.
And it is pretty much free.
And is pretty darn natural considering it is mostly just water and the amount of soap in it is teeny. I could drink it and be fine :) (but I don't recommend drinking it...)
I was skeptical at first but I tried it and really like it now. 

Oh and I didn't have Joy brand soap which is what the recipe called for. So I just used whatever I had and it worked-Dawn or whatever. So probably any nice liquid dish soap will work.

Here is the official recipe:

4 C water
2 drops Joy brand concentrated dish detergent (I can't promise any other brand will work. But for $1.12 you have a life time's worth of glass cleaner.)
1 drop blue food coloring (otpional)

Combine in a 32 oz spray bottle and shake to combine. Use as you would any glass cleaner. 

No more smelly, chemically glass cleaner for me! :) 

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