Thursday, January 20, 2011

Life of a Procrastinator

My laptop crashed today. Gone baby, gone.
The sad part is that I had nothing backed up. I kept on meaning to get to it. Last night I had a strong feeling that I should and so I planned to do it today, no matter what.
No such luck because my computer gave me the blue screen of death as I turned it on this morning.
Kind of sad to admit but a large portion of my life was in that little laptop.

I have learned my lesson the hard way :*(


  1. Oh no!!! Sad day! Can you take it somewhere and have them recover any of it?!

  2. Recovery is fairly easy for that sort of thing as long as your HDD is still functioning.

    I would suggest booting from a live linux distro and seeing if you can even mount the disk, and if so, see if the directory structure is intact. If that's the case it should be as simple as a drag and drop onto some external media.

    If the disk is intact you want to try other recovery methods as well before reinstalling your OS, and when you do, I would suggest making a partition for your files, and keep that separate from your OS partition.