Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Our first visitors!

At the beginning of January we got two very special guests come to visit us!!
Job's sister Maribel and her adorable little baby girl Miah.
Maribel is pretty much a superwoman and can do anything. She came out here to be certified to be a Zumba teacher (awesome right?). We didn't take enough pictures with our camera while they were here so I will have to get some from her. But here is a glimpse of her beautiful family. (who I am now related to, yeah! :)

Anyways, we had such a fun time with those two. I felt like they spoiled us the whole time instead of it being the other way around :)
When we first picked them up we went to No Name Restaurant (sound familiar? ;) It was just so yummy we had to take her there. We has seafood chowder and a lovely seafood platter full of delicious things. :)

The next day Marible had her training so we got to play with the baby, yay! :) We did fun things like....
 Take naps with her.....
 Watch movies with her...
 And just watch her wander around the apartment exploring.
 All bundled up to go outside :) She really was the sweetest, cutest little thing!!

The next few days we did a few sites around the city, took them to the aquarium, showed them Job's school etc. But mostly we just hung out, played games, watched movies, cooked and ate, and laughed a lot! :) It was so fun to have them here! Maribel even worked on her vacation. She cut both Job and I's hair (yup, she does that too ;) and we loved it.  

Sleeping beauty. She got that goose egg the last day they were here. SAD! I felt horrible and like our apartment was a baby death trap. She was tough though and so good natured.

Thank you Maribel and Miah for being our first ever visitors in Boston :) We had a wonderful time and miss you lovely ladies!

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