Saturday, January 15, 2011

Picking out a movie to watch in the Salazar home

Prologue: We decided to stay in this Friday night because A) we were feeling lazy and B) it is so darn cold and snowy. Because of A we decided on a movie.

Enter Netflix stage right

Act I
Job: How about Lion King?
Rachael: (ignoring Lion King suggestion) How about "An educatio..."
J: No. I want action.
J: Look for "Lion King"
R: eh, ok. Oh this looks funny, "Chaos Theory"
J: Funny is good.
R: Oh I love this movie! Have you seen "Return to Me"?
J: Oh yeah I think I have... Good movie.
R: haha you are just trying to get out of watching it!
J: No, no! It is about um...a women, Uh, someone dies and then the ghost comes back to....
R: You have so not seen that movie haha
J: How about GI Jane? Have you seen it?
R: It is rated R here in the U.S.
J: Oh really? (we always have rating issues. Just that they are different in Mexico than here. Once Job finds out they are R here he doesn't watch them anymore. So I guess just issues in that Job always suggests R movies to watch because they were not R in Mexico haha poor guy had to cut out quite a few movies)
J: How about "Bounty Hunter"?
R: yeah I guess that would be a good mix of action and funny. It might be a bit dirty though...
J: Lion King?
R: What about a scary movie? Here is poltergeist.
J: Did you know that everyone associated with that movie died?
R: What? Nu uh!

****(Intermission while we proceed to google all about the poltergeist curse.)*****

Act II

J: How about Free Willy? (Starts humming the theme music)
R: Free Willy? No way.
J: Gets distracted looking up animal documentaries. For the next several minutes all I hear is:
J: Wow! Dang dude! Whoa!
J: This one needs a better composer, listen to that music! It sounds like something from Hatari
R: You've seen Hatari? I love that show!
J: Job continues to watch in fascination, taking no interest in anything but the Siberian tiger in front of him
R: Um, it's 10:12 already. Catches a glimpse of a baby tiger. Ahhh how cute! Sits down to watch. Hey turn it this way a little so I can see.
R: Falls asleep on couch watching documentary.
R: Wakes up to hear Dean Martin singing Return to Me.
J: Wanna watch a movie? :)

End Scene


  1. Haha I love it! What did you find about the Poltergeist?? Creepy!

  2. Oh my cuteness! Haha I seriously was laughing so hard :) Love and miss you!!