Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sleeping Arrangements, Part Dos

Remember how we sometimes sleep in here?
Well, now we always sleep in the living room. We basically live in a studio apartment. I rarely see our lovely bedroom, only venturing in there for short spurts of time to grab clothes and run out.
You see, we have neighbors. But not just any neighbors, these are a special kind of pot smoking, drinking, partying, can't laugh quietly to save their lives, nocturnal kind of neighbors. And they attract a bevy of about 8 others similar to sit around their bong and laugh incessantly right as we are trying to fall asleep at night. And then they continue this charade all night long, only to take short breaks to cook up their specialty (which smells like something between wet dog, soggy onions, and burnt toast).
At first we thought, "how charming. Life in the big city." Well, after 5 months of interrupted sleep it has become marginally less charming. So now, since calling the police, talking to our managers, and going over there personally to ask them politely to shut up (only Job does this. I admit I am slightly scared of them) has not worked, we sleep in our living room. (our living room neighbors are dears. Never a peep.)
I realize this all may seem harsh, and certainly un-neighborly of me to say. I blame it on lack of sleep. But seriously, I don't mean to really speak ill of anyone, it has just become an annoying little part of our existence that we feel we must deal with. Like getting a cold or paying taxes.
But I digress, the real reason for this post was so I could document Job and I's various sleeping arrangements for this year we have been married. Some day, when we are lounging around on our Serta Sleep Comfort Bed with Anthropology bedspread we will read this post and appreciate those wonderful newlywed days :)

Where we have slept:

-First, right after our honeymoon we were on the floor of my parents house for a week or so during Christmas. Really can't complain about this one at all. They have a little "mother in law" type set up down there so it was private and quiet (QUIET! :) Ooh, except for when my little sisters yelled down into the heating vents to wake us up on Christmas morning. That was not quiet.

-In Las Vegas we slept on a 2 inch memory foam pad. It was slightly smaller than a twin size. For both of us. Once again, the fact we even had this was due to our lovely parents letting us steal borrow it off my little sisters bed. So we were very grateful for it.

-After a few months in Vegas we moved to Rexburg and into the bed big leagues. We bought a full sized mattress from a married student couple who were moving. 30 buckaroos. Who cares that it was 45 years old, had sagging springs, and made almost completely out of rubber? We had a real bed!

-After our blissful summer in Rexburg we stuffed our Honda with all we could (bed didn't fit. Sad day for us) and set off to Boston.

-Once settled in our apartment we hit the list, craigs style. My sister called us with a find: leopard printed futon, on the curb, ready for pick up! We strapped that 2000 pound piece of wood and cat onto the top of our car and lugged it home.

-Fast forward 4 months-our lumpy bumpy futon was giving Job neck cricks and me itches. Eeek! It had to go, pronto.

-We now sleep (in our living room of course) on a queen sized air mattress that we bought for when guests come over. I was missing our itchy, lumpy futon at first but have since become accustomed to the airbed's craters (see this post again).

So here you will find us, Job and Rachael, on an air bed in our living room, nestled in-between our dining room table and love seat. I don't see our bed situation changing any time soon, so for now I am just enjoying it to the fullest :)
Our rubber bed. So far the highlight of our sleeping arrangements history.


  1. i don't know how you do that Rachael! But I'm glad you're happy and loving life!!

  2. Oh wow. You are an example of optimism Rachel! I didn't realize how lucky we are...nice neighbors and a real bed. The only thing we ever hear is a baby crying but that's Provo for you :)