Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To my future little girls-Marry someone like daddy :)

Like I said yesterday, Job and I try to do romantic, sweet, fun things for each other frequently, and Valentines day was a great opportunity to do some of those things. Though you never really need an excuse to pamper your spouse, Valentines day is a great time to do some extra duty ;)
The week before Valentines I hid little valentines cards and notes all over the house and in his lunches for him to find. I did get a little worried when the missionaries came over for dinner on Friday though. I hoped a little love note wouldn't pop up somewhere and embarrass them ;)
Since Job was planning on being gone all day long Monday he surprised me late on Saturday after work with some gifts. A total surprise and I am always amazed at what a perfect gift giver he is. He knows me well :) He put together a little set of all natural, organic, lavender bath products. So I got some shower gel, face lotion, and a bar soap. They are soooo nice and just what I love! I really love using more natural products and am making a big effort towards doing so. And hello, my name is Rachael and I love lavender :) He also brought me an adorable little heart cake from Whole Foods (I love that store! :). Complete with dark chocolate ganach, fluffy pink piping, and a moist chocolate inside. I am drooling just remembering it ;) Since we don't have church until later we stayed up that night just having a good time together. Love it.
Monday morning I woke up to a photo Valentines card from him. So sweet and just what I needed to get my day going!
Then I made a valentine for him, here
Monday night he surprised me by saying he would be back for dinner. And when he got back he surprised me further by saying he didn't have to go back to school! He had canceled his plans so he could stay with me on Valentines day. It made me so happy :D Last year on V-day we weren't together so we made up for it yesterday. I made him an Italian style dinner (I use the word "style" because I can never consider my cooking really Italian after eating our bishop's wife's cooking! ;) which we ate picnic style in our living room. It was really nice staying in and just chilling together.
It always amazes me that I can love Jobito more each and every day. I thought I loved him all that I could on our wedding day. Nope, love grows.

Like a little love fern ;)

(I sure hope anyone else reading has seen the movie I am referring to above. Otherwise I probably sound like the biggest sap on earth haha! ;)

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  1. How to Lose A Guy in 10 days of course! :) I love that movie! I'm glad you guys had a nice romantic evening together...V-day is the best!