Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines mushy stuff

Happy Valentines Day to the man I will love forever. You know who you are ;)

As mushy and cheesy as it sounds Valentines day is one holiday I feel like Job and I do keep going all year round. We are normal and have our little "moments" just like everyone else, but we are also crazy about each other and do our best to show and tell the other that on a daily basis. So not much is different today. I love my husband. I love him a whole lot. He did use the holiday as an excuse to surprise me and buy me wonderful gifts, and I am using it as an excuse to put cute pink and red hearts on everything and eat chocolate. But here's to making this mushy gushy love story continue the remaining 320 days this year and on to eternity.

Besitos mi amor!

P.S. Shout out to the rest of my family who I also love immensely! :) I think Valentines day is a great way to show them some extra love too. They deserve it. I hope you got my little teeny Valentines on time :)


  1. OK, I thought four leaf clovers were a thing of magic and make believe! I can't believe you found EIGHT! You must be seriously lucky, and from the sounds of you and you're hubby it seems just that. Lucky and blessed. Happy Valentines Day to you!

  2. eww, can you get any more mushy!? Kissing pics are yucky, geez rach. I don't know if I can follow a blog with kissing pictures all over it. I don't think my constitution will take it. ;)

  3. I know, I know! I warned people, this blog IS pretty mushy! ;) But hey, it's for posterity a'ight? ;) Plus things just naturally get more lovey dovey around V-day. Rules of nature or something.