Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekends are for lovers. Warning-it's a long one, I got into journal mode.

Job and I had a great weekend :) Of course we were having such a wonderful weekend that I forgot to take pictures :( I have been trying to get better at documenting our lives (sometimes a little too much, sorry Job ;) because I think pictures are so fun to look back on and they help capture fun moments. Anyhoooo,

We started off our weekend with a wonderful trip to the Boston temple. We finally found a good route to get there and so it is not far at all. We brought a family name to do and we are excited to gather more and do those too. Thanks to both of our mums for helping with that!

After the temple Job took me out to a surprise lunch at a delicious little Thai place by his school. So, so yummy! He got this awesome mango rice and I got pad thai (not original but we had to decide really quickly and it is a great standard ;)

Next Job got tickets to the BSO symphony so we rushed over to symphony hall for our concert. The snow makes it really hard to find city street parking so we decided to splurge and do valet parking. Super nice and convenient on the way in, you just drive up and go. But on the way back we waited 45 minutes for them to bring us our car. Granted a whole group of people also just went to the symphony and were just coming back too, but really it makes so much more sense to just park and get your own car after :) But I digress...

The concert was amazing! They played three pieces, my favorite being Night on Bald Mountain. You know the one, in Fantasia were the creepy winged guy comes out and all the little devils and ghosts come up from graves and hell and wherever else. Yeah, it creeped me out big time when I was little :) But the music is so cool and it was amazing to hear live from such an amazing orchestra.

After the concert we stopped by blockbuster and picked up some movies for the evening, and then went to a produce market to stock up on our fruits and veg. When we got home Job made the most scrumptious salad for dinner! It had pretty much a bit of every vegetable in our fridge, walnuts, chicken, a little bacon, apples, and more veggies :) Topped off with some greek dressing-heavenly :)
Hey look, I found a picture of the salad built for two! (go figure the only picture I took this weekend was of food ;)
Will you just LOOK at that face?! Stinkin' adorable!!

The movie we watched was good. It was called extraordinary measures and was about finding a cure for a form of childhood muscular dystrophy. Ok so I am not going to be a movie synopsis writer anytime soon because that didn't make it sound that exciting but it was a cute show and had a good story. Oh, and JOB picked that out :) So proud of him ;) Oh yeah, they forgot to take out the yellow security strip. So we couldn't open the movie at first. So we called and they just said to rip it out. Easier said then done but finally Job and his buff biceps got the job done ;)

Saturday we slept in some, had a yummy breakfast together, and then Job had to go practice and then work. That man keeps this family running and I sure love him :) Well then I had to find a way to entertain myself. I looked for some jobs, did some relief society work, and then my sister texted and asked if I could skype. I always have time for skyping my fam, it is one of my faves :) So then we ended up talking for several hours. It is funny how wide and varied the conversation can run, from girly fluffy things, to deep and thought provoking topics. That is what makes it fun :)

Finally Job got home late. And I was happy :) And I can't remember but I am pretty certain we watched a Monk. Because we do that a lot :) It is our "go to" show to laugh and relax :) We stayed up too late like we always do on Saturdays, but I got my chocolate covered strawberries done (for the next day) so that's what's important ;)

Sunday was super uplifting and refreshing. I had a relief society presidency meeting in the morning that I went to, and then came home to finish getting ready, make some cards for women in our ward, and ooh and ahh over Job's singing time lesson. That's right, he did singing time yesterday! :) We wanted all the women to be in RS that day because of a special lesson, so the men took over callings in primary and nursery so those women could attend. Job got asked to lead the music and he was so excited. He taught them the song "I will follow God's plan for me"and had pictures to help them, a group idea set up, and the idea to teach them to tap out the rhythm. He did so well in planning it all and he said it went really well! The kids learned the song that day in 20 min. and all his plans worked out well. He said that is a calling he would love someday haha :)

All of church was just really uplifting and wonderful. I said the opening prayer for sacrament meeting, it was fast Sunday so we got to hear wonderful testimonies, Sunday School was a great lesson, and our relief society lesson went really well! I am getting to know the wonderful women in our ward better and am so excited to continue to learn and grow from them.

After church we went home, changed, picked up our little chocolate strawberries and headed to our friend's apartment in East Boston for dinner. They are a sweet couple and we really enjoy spending time with them. The husband goes to school with Job so they know each other well. They were so kind to have us over, and then we tried to hook up my hard drive to his computer. Something went all funny (his computer or my drive) so we didn't have time to wait for it to fix itself because we had a viola recital to go to. Job and I ended up just dropping them off and heading home instead of going. I felt kind of bad, and like a bum, but we were both super tired and Job's alarm had to ring at 5am this morning. So I'm glad we just headed home. And maybe watched a Monk ;)

Weekends are so refreshing :) And even though the alarm did go off at 5 this morning, and Job will be gone all day long until around 10:30 pm, I have a wonderful weekend to get me through. At least through Monday ;)

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