Monday, February 7, 2011

Making a house a home (or an apartment a more homey apartment)

I have worked on a couple of projects lately for our apartment. Getting things up on the walls really helps our blank white walls feel warmer and gives our apartment feel more like home. My friend Jessica and I got together one day to whip a bunch of stuff out (hers definitely more impressive than mine ;) She was so nice to let me use her home to craft. It is a much better crafting home than mine :)
Here are a few things I have done recently:

This bees and flowers country beauty
This ugly blank wall in my kitchen
+ some black spray paint and hooks 

Much better ;)

Here is another one:
I found this big canvas at a thrift store, but it was looking pretty sad.
I took off the fabric and found that someone had done an art project.

I primed over said art project

Washed and ironed the fabric and re-stretched it over the canvas. I would like to get new fabric eventually but for now it fills the space above our little love seat. (forgive the horrible pic. I had to snap it really quickly because somebody's husband was getting impatient and wanting to lay down on the couch ;) Oh and P.S. Ikea pillows, stop getting all wrinkly whenever we look at you! Thanks.
I found these frames for a couple bucks each. The other one had a "lovely" little picture of cats in it. 

I wanted something a bit more fun and "us" so I found some Kate Spade book covers that I printed off and put in the frames instead. So they are colleges of a bunch of colorful books. Quirky and fun, I like them :) Still not sure if they will be a permanent fixture, but for now they work :)

I've got this whole "design on a dime" thing going and it has been fun :)

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