Monday, February 7, 2011

Count your many blessings

A few weeks ago it was time to go grocery shopping. We had "no food" in the house and I complained to myself that there was "nothing to make" for dinners. We were running low and I normally would have just gone out shopping. But I decided to try a little experiment. I wanted to try and go for a while with our "no food" that we had in the fridge and in our pantry to see how we would do. It astounded me how really blessed we are and how much we take for granted. We always have enough to eat, and not only that, but really good, mostly healthy things to eat :) We went for about two weeks without going shopping, and we surely didn't starve. It was fun to get creative and count our blessings :) It also was a testimony builder of how important food storage is. Our little store of cans and dried goods kept us going for a while, and we could have gone longer if we needed to. Our goal this month is to work on building it up even more, so we can have that reserve for times of need or in emergencies. My mum gave us this challenge actually. She says she is worried about us being so far away in a big city were it can be hard to get food and water in emergencies. It is nice to know we have wonderful families thinking about us :)
Here are a few things we made "without food" ;)

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