Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh the places we'll go

I needed some quick, inexpensive art for our bathroom because the blank wall was driving me crazy. I saw this idea on apartment therapy and decided to do my own twist on it. I love this book for various reasons, + the colors sort of matched our "theme" (ok so we don't really do themes. We are pretty eclectic in decorating) I got the book from Amazon for $0.01 (plus like $5 for shipping of course, bleh) and finally got the nerve to carefully disassemble it and cut it up. I am determined to use every bit of it for one project or another so you might see it popping up here and there. And if you get a card from me with Dr. Suess on it, you'll know why. I also got some cheap frames from the $ store which aren't the greatest but they'll certainly do for now :)

{I am realizing these pics are kind of, sort of, a little bit really bad. I took them super quick before leaving to nanny this past week and am just too lazy "busy" to take new ones}


There you have it. Our version of reading material for while you are on the loo.


  1. Okay I apologize in advance because I am totally stealing this idea. I love Dr. Seuss and this is one of my hubby's favorite books! Hope you don't mind, this idea is just too great to pass up!

  2. ahh what a cool idea! i adore it. by the way, totally glad i found your blog, i'm a boston blogger as well and also run bostonbloggers.com :)

  3. Rachael that's so cute! I want to steal that idea too...it looks so clean and yet it is so playful. Thanks for sharing!

  4. oh cute. what a great idea. especially for a bath. I never know how to decorate a bath. so great!

    your new follower!,

  5. What an AWESOME idea! I am going to try this for my sons room! Thank you for joining my link party!