Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"This place is full of awesome stuff I never knew I needed!" -Rachael referring to The Container Store

A few Fridays ago we headed to the beautiful Boston Temple to start off our date.

Job loading up on calcium and protein before we go. A must for any date goers

After the temple we took a little nature walk through a wooded area. It was one of the first nice weather days this year and we wanted to take advantage of it!

One of those days when you just have to kiss someone. I guess all my days are like that though for one reason or another ;)  
I even wore sandals, hurray!
Still a few piles of snow though...

We hit up chipotle for dinner that evening. It was a place we have been wanting to try per recommendation and it was pretty good! Definitely filling, next time we will for sure just share. They seem like a pretty healthy and eco-friendly chain which I like. Of course everyone claims to be now days so who knows. Tasty either way (especially since we were very hungry :)
Maybe I should have waited until he was done chewing. Quick thinking though to turn it into a little half smile :/ very nice babe.
After dinner we bought some movie tickets and then wandered around The Container Store until our movie started. Holy cow the hour there went by so quickly, we could have spend another two hours just looking around :) And neither Job nor I (thank you school house rock) usually like shopping that much. A+ Container Store, A+.

After changing seats because the first ones smelled like urine ("maybe this movie is scary?"), we settled in and watched the Adjustment Bureau. It was pretty cute. Not what I was expecting but in a good way. More quirky and chick flick than blow 'em up action (still had action though which was fun). Job and I were both a little worried at the beginning as the plot came out, thinking it might get a little iffy but it ended up being good. I rarely like new movies that have been coming out, so the fact that this one was "o.k." is a good sign ;)
Getting ready for the movie to start. Excited/Frightened.

We actually don't go out to dinner and a movie that often so they are our "different" dates instead of our standard ;)
Cute boy, fun date, happy girl.

P.S. Any good movies you have seen that you recommend?

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