Monday, March 7, 2011

Speak low, darling, speak low

Date night fell on a Friday this past week and boy was it a good one :)

It included-

Taking one of these:

To one of these:
To eat some of this:

and this:

After dinner we wandered around Newbury Street and window shopped a little. It really comes alive on a Friday night and it was fun to just walk around and go in a store or two. Of course I picked the wrong wandering shoes and my feet were getting torn up and bloody (ouch and gross!) So we had to stop at one of these:
To get some of these:
After dinner we headed to a play at the Conservatory. I always love going to the plays and musicals there, they do a fantastic job!!
We saw the 1940's Broadway musical:

It was funny, cute, catchy, and the cast was awesome. I love seeing plays, I would pick a live play over a movie any day. So Jobito, dinner and a play is fine by me any date night :) It ended late so we headed home and hit the sack after that.
The next day I was kicking myself for not bringing the camera (hence the borrowed photos :( ) so I made Job do this:

at 6 in the morning on Saturday as he headed out the door to school to practice because later that day he had this:
A lesson with Pamela Frank (a well known and very talented violinist) for whom he played some Elgar and did a beautiful job and learned a lot (I snuck in to listen :)
After that we went to Blockbuster and grabbed the original Fantasia. Can you believe Jobito has never seen it?! And he calls himself a musician... ;)

While I am sneaking into Saturday I might as well finish off documenting our weekend with Sunday. My Sundays are becoming increasingly full, but with good things so I enjoy them. It started off with a RS presidency meeting (the first one in which all four of us were there. Finally, yay! ;). Then I went home and talked to Job too long and we lost track of time and were late for church. Oops. Big oops since Job leads the music. But someone else stepped in so not really a big deal. Church was wonderful, great testimony meeting and lessons. After church we went to East Boston to have dinner with two couples. Delicious food and lots of fun :) (Thanks for having us McKay and Jessica, and we were glad you were there Brigham and Emily :)
Job had a test early this morning so we tried to get to bed at a decent hour. And then it starts all over again today. But weekends are refreshing and fun, so it makes it easier to deal with Monday ;)

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