Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break-comin' right at ya

Today (I wrote this yesterday) marked the official day 1 of Job's Spring break, woohoo! :) We did have plans to nanny for a little family in our ward but they had to cancel recently so we are planning new Spring break plans as we go here.
Today was just right.
After staying up to the wee hours of the morning talking to various family members over skype we slept in to an indecent hour. Job made breakfast/lunch, we read scriptures together, and we snuck in a Monk episode (we have quite the relationship with that OCD detective. don't judge). After that we went to work for a couple of hours, Job deep cleaning the house (he is amazing I tell you) while I searched my little heart out for a job to apply for. I finally found one and got everything sent in. I applied while somewhat grumpily watching the snow fall outside our window. I guess I spoke too soon about Spring coming.
This little game came in the mail today (per Job's request)

We are working on building our game collection. Job has wanted this one for a while. How could I say no to a face like that?! :)

After some work we decided to get ready for the day, and then took a walk to our little neighborhood branch library to pick up a little pile of goods to last us a day or two.
It looks as if we are ashamed of our movie collection in the pic ;) I assure you, we love our mix of feel goods, chick flicks, and Agatha Christie mysteries. Oh and Job has never read Harry Potter. We are going to start reading it together, yay! (I have no shame in being a bit of a HP nerd ;)

I made dinner

Hello fresh noodles from Russos. We love to add veggies to you and then eat you right up.

We watched a "sorta feel good" sports flick (meh) and then whipped out the sticks for some pick up action.

This guy is good. I lost.

Then I bugged Job while he chatted with his mamita on skype

Poor guy, never a moments peace

and now Job is cleaning the kitchen from dinner while I write in our "journal" (this blog. It sounds better when I say journal. I.e.: Job-"I'll clean the kitchen" Rach-"Great, I'll write in our "journal". See? Makes it sound like I am being helpful too)

More plans for just chilling tonight. A great start to a relaxing Spring break for Job :)

Well, I'd better scoot now. Jobito deserves a big ol' beso for cleaning the kitchen so well.


  1. sounds like an awesome spring break! :) have fun!!!!

  2. Pick up sticks is so much fun! I played that a lot when I was in grade school. The good old school games! :)

       ♥ Teresa ♥
    - Pretty Dandy -

  3. And a fabulous city to explore! Enjoy your week.

  4. The Ging? hmmmm when did that happen? :-)

  5. haha i LOVE that game! haven't played it in ages