Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Food, Food Glorious Food!

Because taking pictures of your food is like, in the bloggers handbook obvi.

I wanted to actually share a few recipes because they are delish. But how should I do that? Share the whole recipe(s) here and make a loonngg post? Just give you the link? Not just give you the link because I changed some things? Do one recipe at a time? Do many at a time?....Sheesh, blogging's hard.
My remedy is to share none recipes I guess (a billion points to whoever caught on to that obscure and altered movie line. A billion. That's a lot.) I'll share my recipes later. Just to keep all 6 of you who regularly read in suspense ;) ha.

We had friends over for General Conference on Sunday and Job and I cooked like we do occasionally. Or really I should say Job cooked and I just dabbled around the kitchen ;) Anyways, it was good stuff and made me long for two weeks in Mexico this summer where I can eat tacos every day (*sigh*, someday...)
I spy with my little eye--product placement.... ;)
Don't you wish you had my camera skillz? Yes they are skillz which = ghetto. I want to take a class sometime/get a really good camera. (*Sigh*, Someda...ok I'll stop. I seriously am just grateful I have a camera that works :) Thanks Jobito!) We like any excuse to make tacos but usually wait to do so for when we have people over so...come on over!! :)
Now for story time.
Once upon a time Boj* and Rakel* went to the grocery store via bus because their car broke down (again! I know! Ahhhh!). They happily skipped into Stop and Shop to pick up a few needed items for dinner. Stopping at the deli counter there was a line but they disregarded taking a number and just smiled at the guy instead who assumed it was their turn. Nice. The deli man (we'll call him Alfredo) asked Boj what he would like. Provolone 1/4 lb, no prob. Then Boj asked for prosciutto. 
"Which kind?" asked Alfredo, "$12/lb or $18/lb?" 
"Uh, $18/lb." Said Boj. 
"WHY?!" asked Rakel. 
But it was busy and loud so their $18/lb prosciutto just got rang up. Luckily they didn't need even close to an lb but still (thought Rakel). So Boj and Rakel walked back to the bus and Rakel was being silly about how Boj asked for the expensive kind. Boj said he had slightly misunderstood the man because it was loud and busy, he didn't want to change it after Rakel told him what he had done because the amount they got only meant they spent an extra 50 cents or so, and that Rakel should have just been bossier and made him change it at the counter, and they had a coupon on top of all that. But Rakel was hungry and slightly grumpy and said she doesn't like to be bossy, she just likes to be annoying after the fact, and mostly it was the principle of the thing. So they rode home on the bus, still holding hands because they just can't help but love each other a lot, dinner fixings in hand (their other hands). Boj told Rakel to just relax while he made dinner. He made her this:
A fresh homemade pesto, prosciutto, and provolone sandwich (PPP!). Rakel loves sandwiches a lot. She suddenly was glad they got expensive prosciutto and gave Boj some serious props for a job well done. And they live happily ever after. Because how could you not after eating a sandwich like that?!
(*names have been changed to protect privacy ;)
P.S. Make Falafel someday soon. Just do it. You'll thank me later.


  1. Oh my, the suspense of not having these recipes is killing me! You should do a recipe post soon :) Miss you!

  2. Gah! I wish I could cook like that...better yet, I wish Josh could cook like that :) Yummmmyyyy!!