Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Plug for Roadside Assistance Insurance

A few weeks ago we had to do this:

Then a few days ago we had to do it again:

Our insurance covered it both times (sadly we still have to pay the mechanic, but ya can't have everything ;)
These two tows within two weeks have made our roadside assistance worth it for the next 14 years or so. Does that make sense? So basically the $200 we have saved by having the insurance could pay the small extra $14 yearly fee for a long time. Plus ours covers a lot-running out of gas, changing a tire, a jump etc...
Get it people. Get it, love it, and be grateful for it when the time comes to use it.
But I still hope you don't have to actually use it because that would mean you are stranded somewhere with a broken car. Never fun ;)


  1. Do you guys have AAA?? mom get's great coverage like that, too.

  2. Hi Jenny, We have insurance through a bank called USAA. It is amazing. I am pretty sure you can only get it if you are related to someone who has been in the military though. Otherwise I would suggest it to everyone I know! :) But yes I have heard AAA and others do similar things which is great! :)