Thursday, April 14, 2011


My 4 year old nephew is the bomb. And adorable to boot. My sis-in-law shares some of his quotes on her blog and I just had to re-post them here for reading pleasure. I love kids. Especially "my kids" (nieces and nephews).
"V's and W's are spooky at night." -We were reading a book and talking about imagination.

"My calling in life is sharing." Trying to convince me that he is sharing with Symantha (his little sister. I can just see him saying this one all dramatic haha)

"There are two kinds of milk, one from cows and the other from the store." - said as Parr and I were talking about needing to get some milk 

I have to agree, those V's and W's get me sometimes.... ;)

He loves his little sis :)

Most of the time ;)

Proud new brother :) And a little ham
 Can you tell I love these kids? Just a little. ;)

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