Sunday, April 10, 2011

One Fine Day

-Slept in
-Enjoyed a good breakfast together
-Finished the very last episode of Monk. Got a little teary eyed. (Job? Me? Both? You'll never know...O.k. it was both.)
-Went to a local charity flea market and found some great deals! (so excited to post them here!)
-Decided not to move to the teeny downtown studio apartment, instead we are staying put where we are, a few miles out in a bigger place
-Checked out the nice library in Brighton that just re-opened
-Ate mango frozen custard at our new favorite frozen treats place-Abbott's. YUM!
-Practiced violin, applied for jobs, blah, blah, blah
-Job cleaned our car spick and span!
-I worked on one of the awesome items from the flea market (pictures to come! :)
-Ate one of my favorite dinners--fresh Asian-y noodles and veggies
-Watched a movie and cuddled
-Ooh la la wouldn't you like to know (that's for you bec ha ;)


  1. Cute! Jessica and I went to the flea market too and got some picture frames. We are planning on getting together for a craft-y night on Tuesday if you care to join us out in eastie!

  2. Oh la la is my favorite thing to do on a fine day. ;) lol sorry, i couldn't help it.

    can't wait to see your flea markent finds!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Looks like you had a wonderfully relaxing day!

  4. Rach, if you don't tone it down a notch, I am going to have to ban your blog from my following. For serious ;)