Saturday, April 30, 2011

Record Bowl

(my titles must be either a) the most uncreative in blogdom, or b) the most honest because I just say it like it is)
In an effort to "accessorize" this bookshelf in our living room:
 (I know, it has got a long way to go, don't judge ;)

I made us a record bowl.

Not an original idea of course. I first saw my roommate Mallory doing this (back in the college days, oh-so-long ago ;), and I know that it has been done for decades before. Not everyone's style surely, but I kinda like it a lot because it is:
a) quirky and unique because no homemade record bowl is exactly alike
b) vintage-y because the record was from the 50's and
c) is dirt cheap to make and utilizes reuse/reduce/recycling which I like to do (wait, that was like c and d. I'm an over achiever.)

I love "oldies" and has my eye on a Garfunkel record but decided to go with classical which I knew Job would appreciated too :) So there it sits on our bookshelf. Not bad for $1 and 5 minutes of my time :)

You can find tutorials on how to make these all over the web. Here's one :)


  1. so neat! i love bookshelves with space! sometimes people make them look too busy and crowded. and the record bowl, so great! what a fun funky shape. <3