Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Job's Current Cultural Counter (CCC-oh I love it)

(update: Just as a heads-up, we find this funny and take it as a compliment ;) People from India and Egypt and everywhere else are just beautiful. And people from Mexico of course ;)

4-Indians (as in, from India) who thought Job was also Indian
3-Indians who started speaking to Job in a different language. An Indian dialect I assume ;)
2-Egyptians who thought Job was a brotha from Cairo
2-Mexicans who spoke to someone else in Spanish, then turned around and started speaking to Job in English not knowing he was Hispanic or Latino in any way. 
1-store owner from somewhere in the middle east asking Job why he was always with "that white girl", I guess assuming Job was Muslim or something? (True story. It was funny :)
0-People who guess where Job is from correctly on the first try ;)

And hey maybe if we win this giveaway he will be mistaken for French ;)

Job is just my little J-Lo I guess (she always plays characters from different ethnic groups, have you noticed? ;) It makes me wonder what our little bambinos are going to look like.

Maybe if he always dressed up as Speedy Gonzales people wouldn't get things confused
I guess he just has one of those faces.


  1. I think Job's curly hair throws off people looking for the stereotypical Mexican person. It seems like getting mistaken for someone else, culturally speaking, could get frustrating after a while. I guess you just have to keep that sense of humor about it!

  2. A lot of people have a hard time determining my husband's race too. What a creative posting.

  3. yes job has an Indian look...but at first I thought he is mexican! lol
    anyways you two look great 2gdr...have a happy married life ♥