Monday, July 18, 2011

Catch up-Mum, Maren, Melia and Eliza

Right after Becca and Cody left my mum and 3 younger sisters came! :) They are also a ton of fun and I have missed them so much. It was so nice to have them here and it was much needed. Thank you mum for your support through the ordeal of our apartment getting broken into. It was horrible timing to be in the middle of your trip but I really don't know what we would have done without your help. You're the best! Same goes to you Ren, Mel and Lizy Loo :)

Once again, I'll let some pictures do the rest of the talking ;)

Mount Auburn Cemetery. So beautiful!

Popcorn popping! ;) The Spring trees were fantastic

Taking the water taxi

Musuem of Fine Arts

The Chihuly exhibit at the MFA

Our favorite little Thai cafe before our Boston Pops concert

Yay Pops! We love them :)

Museum of Science. This was one of everyone's favorite things we did while they were here! :)

Silly girls (as if that needed explaining ;)


Riding the T with our fave snacks haha

Temple day! It was so nice to be there with Job and my beautiful girls. 

Childrens Museum

Upper Crust on Newbury Street. Deelish.

The beautiful main branch library at Copley 

We played phase 10 dice almost every night! haha Job doesn't usually like playing games but he was the one begging to play each night. It is lots of fun with these gals. 

Quincey to see the presidential homes

Taking them back to the airport :( Sad to see them go but we had the best time with them! :) Thanks you guys for your support and for making us smile even while we were going through a hard time smack in them middle of your trip.
We love you lovely ladies!!

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