Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catch up-Becca and Cody visit

I am so far behind on blogging about the wonderful visitors we have had lately! I want to try and catch up over these next few days. First on the list: my sister Becca and her hubs Cody. They are a fun couple and having them stay with us was like having one long double date ;)

Here's a quick recap in pictures :) Prepare for an overload.

 Making Parker House Rolls and Boston Cream Pie. Whilst watching America's Next Top Model (hence the face ;) Our husbands strangely refuse to watch that show with us so we have fun doing it together.

Walking the freedom trail + some sisterly love

Workin' the big guns over at Old Ironsides
 Public Garden and Boston Common

 Riding the T everywhere

 Laughing like crazies while playing games. I think my jugular was in danger of popping right there.


 Boston Symphony Orchestra Concert

Thanks for coming you guys!! It meant a lot to us and we had a blast! :) Love you.

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