Friday, July 15, 2011

Flash Back Friday

You know how lots of blogs have cute scheduled posts that they do every week on a certain day? 
Well I never thought I would do one since this is a family blog, but as I was looking through some pictures that my sister sent me (she knows how sad I was to lose all ours) I wanted to put some old ones on here, just for fun to remember some good times that have come before.
And that could mean 10 years ago or last week :)
So Flash Back Friday is born.
Don't be jealous of my seriously creative name. It is a gift I posses (I joke, I joke. I'm just too tired to think of anything better right now ;)
I might not do it every Friday, and we'll see how long this actually lasts, but it should be fun (for me, if no one else).

So let's start off with these little randoms, shall we? Because they brought back some fun memories :)

Las Vegas, NV, March 2010

When Job and I lived in Las Vegas my sister Rebecca came and visited us for a few days. She is a ton of fun and I loved having her there. These pictures are from a little sisters hike we took in the hills near our apartment.


  1. Ahhh! There is so much pressure with scheduled posts! I regret it every Sunday. But I can't quit it either! My blog controls my life. Yikes.

  2. I never went hiking in Vegas before. All I've seen is those dirty casinos and big hotels. Looks like fun.