Thursday, July 28, 2011

Daily Dose of Fun

Last night after work we decided to go swimming together as a little family + our awesome neighbors.
Job and I asked Jessica to teach us some water aerobics since she used to be an instructor at school. Let it be known, those who think water aerobics is for old people have never had a class from Jessica ;) I was shaky afterwards and feel sore today. I loved it!

After swimming I decided to give Oscar a little cooking lesson. We picked up a kids cookbook from the library so I let him pick out one for us to try. His pick: Crispy chicken strips. Not exactly the light meal I would have picked out for after swimming but he was so excited how could I say no? ;)

He was a good little student.

Update on living with a kid-it is teaching me a lot. I think Job too. Still a couple weeks to go so we'll see how things go. (oh have I mentioned on here that we have a kid hanging around? Job's nephew is staying with us for about 6 weeks.)
Today Job did a favor for a friend and watched two extra very active little boys as well so we have had a crazy afternoon. One broken mirror, several "time outs", some long periods of crying, a crazy shower after the beach in which I got very wet while fully clothed, etc...But this is every day for parents right?
We've still got a lot to learn about kids but luckily when you have your own you can start from "scratch" and learn as you go ;)

Well now I am off to my Gourmet Cooking Club, I'm excited to post pictures of all the lovely food the others are going to make. Drooling yet? I sure am.

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