Monday, July 25, 2011

What I read

I've just got to tell you about this blog. It is creative, unique, and a fun and easy daily read. A well loved addition to my way too long blog roll (and yours too because I think you will really like it.)
It is called The Daily Dollar and here is the little intro to the blog because she says it best:

The Daily Dollar

When a barely-getting-by grad student marries a debt-laden PhD student, money is tight. To curb impending splurges, I've created a little game for myself — the daily dollar challenge. The rules are simple — have fun with one dollar (give or take a few cents) every day, then report my successes here.

So fun right?! And she finds super cool dollars deals that I never knew existed. It's not like she just goes to the dollar store every day and picks out a nick-nack. She gets creative. I love this idea of being frugal while still enjoying little pleasures.

Here is one of my favorite dollars finds of hers:

Yes, those are adorable Gap skinny pants for $1.20.


  1. what a fun blog! i'm now a follower...thanks for the tip! hope you're doing well...i've missed you around here!

  2. I feel honored to be featured here! So glad I can always rely on you to read and actually comment on my blog!