Saturday, July 23, 2011

Flash, Saturday?

To be fair I did start to get this post ready on Thursday but ran into computer problems. But still. I have basically failed my planned post idea after one week. Awesome.

ANYway, without further ado....
We came upon this cute little scene on a family trip to Ireland several years back. It was one of my most favorite trips ever so I am sure you will see more of it on Fridays :)
There was something about coming upon a herd of perfectly spotted black and white cows led by a cute old Irish man, with an old bug car waiting its turn to cross the street that made me feel like we just stepped back in time. I had that feeling frequently as we visited Ireland, and I loved it every time.

When we weren't touring the beautiful Emerald Island we did stuff like this back at our cottage:
Young girls rule.

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