Sunday, July 10, 2011

If growing up means it would be beneath my dignity to climb a tree, I'll never grow up, never grow up, never grow up, Not me! ~Peter Pan (and Rachael)

Sooo...let's just say we moved. And it is still in Boston, but the opposite side. And our new place has room for a million (or 4) guests.
I want to take pictures and show you but things have been cray-zay and I just started a new job (or 3).  And plus our camera is dead. Oh and we have an extra little 9 year old person hanging around the house for a couple of weeks. And I just might be stressed a little with life in general. In fact, I participated in a study the other day (yes, we donate our bodies to science for an extra $15 here and there. You don't?) and my resting heart rate was about 115. The guy thought I was going to keel over and die at any second. I just told him it was stress. No big deal ;)
BUT, we had an amazing 4th of July complete with the Boston Pops outdoor concert at the Esplanade, the amazing fireworks display over the Charles river, a beach BBQ with friends, me getting all teary thinking about how much I love our country and those who have fought to keep it free, and stuff like that :) So really, can't complain for one second.
 I have missed my bloggity blog but life has forced me to prioritize a little lately. Bummer, I know. I am trying to get things all sorted so that this blog will be a priority of some sort so we'll see how that goes. In the mean time I'll just post pictures like this to give a quick and accurate representation of life in the Salazar household.

Party in the back yo
 Peace out.


  1. Ahh I'm sorry you're stressed. I know the feeling...I went to the doctor and the nurse thought her machine was broken b/c my resting heart rate was so high! I hope things calm down for you soon though, I miss your bloggin!!

  2. haha you guys are awesome! I miss reading your blog posts!

  3. That's awesome that you got a nursing job! But...the stress not so much. And I donate my body to science all the time! It's totally worth the extra few bucks :)