Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's a party and I'll eat if I want to

I just joined a Gourmet Cooking group. I went to my first one Thursday night and loved it. Everyone signs up to bring something (appetizer, side, main, salad, drink etc...), we have a theme that we all stick to, and we take turns hosting it at our houses. Then we get together and have one big dinner party with some amazing food. Does that sound fun or what! You should start one. Just sayin'

The group enjoying the appetizers--Some prosciutto wrapped apples and my roasted cherry tomato crostini with herbed feta. 
This month's theme was red, white, and blue. There aren't too many naturally blue foods, but these woman got creative! We had blue crab, creme vichyssoise soup with red pepper puree (served in a blue dish ;), and some amazing desserts with berries. That is just to name a few of the delicious foods we partook of.
I get to host the group in October. Any thoughts on a fun theme?

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  1. if you haven't already found/checked out pinterest, i highly recommend it. I've been on it for a week, and I already have about 100 new ideas. But, beware, it's highly addicting. You might find some inspiration there!