Friday, August 12, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Going way back today. 
That's my dad standing up on the left, his two siblings, and their father.
I just love the perfect vintage-ness of this photo. The black and white, the fishing, the dock, it is all so cute. I love how photos can capture little moments like this that can then be shared with future family members. 
I'd better get crackin' and take more cute pictures of Job and I. Because we surely don't have enough yet (*cough, cough)


  1. I love this picture too Rachael. For many reasons. One .... it is one of very few pictures with our father. Two... the vintage factor. three... notice the reflection on hte dock? so cool. great picture for many reasons. And I LOVE the image of Ron holding the fishing pole.

  2. Where on earth did you get this?! None of us have ever seen this! Awesome! That will be Cody with our kids someday :)