Friday, August 5, 2011

I am thinking new Nike ad, yes?

Because Iceblocking is an extreme sport.
This picture just captures a fun evening in Utah a few years ago so I decided to use it for today's flash back Friday. Because flashing back to a happy time is fun :)
Job and I were dating, my sisters loved Job more than me, we got totally beat up iceblocking...
Good stuff.

Yes that shirt does say homeschool :) I was homeschooled, not a homeschooler. Check out the difference here <----------funny :)

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  1. Your shirt is so cool! Yay homeschool! I want to watch that video but I am at work...I will as soon as I get home. Do people always act really shocked when they find out that you were homeschooled? Because I always get that reaction. Which I take as a compliment, I think.