Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Unexpected Surprise

Call me sappy, but there is something so fun and romantic about meeting Job unexpectedly in the subway.

It happened today.
Me coming from work.
Him going to work.
I saw a familiar green striped shirt,
then the cute face I love so much.
It gave me butterflies and made me smile.
Then there was a greeting,
a hug,
a kiss,
a few words,
another kiss,
and goodbye.

30 seconds just made my day.


  1. Wow, Rachael, this is kinda of like...hotttttt! Lol, I love it, super cute!! :)

  2. Cute! I always want to unexpectedly run into Dave somewhere but it has yet to happen...I even try to coincide running errands at work with when I think he will be walking in-between classes on campus but it never works. Meeting on the subway is even cuter!