Friday, September 16, 2011

Obsessed? Really Rach?

The other day at church I saw a girl who came back from summer vacation looking very much more pregnant than when she left (much more? Sounds good). Her and a friend of mine who is also pregnant (True fact: About 95% of the women in our ward are currently pregnant/just had a baby.) were chatting it up when I came up and bombarded them with a,

"HI! Welcome back, you look cute! I am obsessed with pregnant people!" (that's really what I said. I know.)

She was sweet and gave me a polite smile and then started backing away slowly.

"No wait, I'm not going to steal your baby or anything! Wait!"

So the truth's out. Except maybe I should re-phrase it to "the miracle of birth" instead of "people". Because being obsessed with people freaks them out a tad. My neighbor upstairs is also currently pregnant so she has to deal with my love of baby bumps on a daily basis. Poor girl. But she's awesome and puts up with my personal pregnancy questions, and me talking and singing to her belly and such. Today's the day she and her husband find out if they are having a boy or girl (my guess: boy). In keeping with my obsession I made them this for when they get home:

Just got to fill in the blanks when they tell me haha :D Oh and that extra square is for an !, because it's gonna be a boy.

So my obsession may be a little odd but really, when you think about it, pregnancy/birth is amazing so I'm rolling with it.

Oh, and as to whether I am pregnant.... WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO KNOW!
no. I just like when other people are :)


  1. Thanks for those yummy treats too, and the blog shout out! LOVE YOU

  2. Haha, too funny. You are a crazy girl babe :) Sure miss you and wish you lived closer so that when I am prego you can obsess over me up close. It's not as interesting from a distance, kind of creepy actually.

  3. That is really funny. I thought you were going to tell us you were pregnant too!