Wednesday, September 14, 2011

'Twas my man's birthday

We kept it chill. I wanted to be super wife and do a lot more, but alas I got as far as shopping for fun decorations and such but didn't find/make the time to actually put them up. But Job is relaxed and just wanted a simple birthday anyways so hey, my bad party planning skills work out o.k. I did make time to wrap his present at least :) Lace make it too girly ya think? haha I was having too much fun making the pom poms and using up scrap pieces of fabric.

The lowdown: Dinner at Not Your Average Joe's, watched Contagion, Gipsy Kings c.d., cake and ice cream with some friends (I made some German Chocolate icing that turned out pretty yummy, yay!).  Simple and fun. 27 is a great age. So I've heard. This guy pulls it off quite nicely.
Distinguished, but still loads of fun ;)
 Happy Birthday Jobito! 
I love you.

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