Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Job and I's conversation in the kitchen tonight.

Job: I want to buy you some nice Gucci shoes*.
Rachael: I don't want nice Gucci shoes.
Job: But I really want to buy you some nice shoes! You need some shoes! I am going to do it.
Rachael: No! Please don't buy me shoes! Noooooooooo!!!!**
*??? since when do we buy Gucci Jobito? ;)
**Slightly dramatized for effect. But only slightly.

How many husbands argue with their wives about making them buy clothes and shoes? I believe typically it is the other way around... ;) I think my goal of paying off the student loans super quick has made me even more cheap than I was before (is that possible?). This past year I have avoided buying things for myself like the plague.

In other important news, Job has taken to calling me "silly boobs" as a term of endearment lately. He assures me it is just because it has a "certain ring to it" but I am still not sure how I should take that...
I guess it's a guy thing.


  1. hahahahaha that is AWESOME. lol can i call you silly boobs from now on?? ;) I wish I had that way of dealing with the stress of being poor usually results in me shopping and spending a fortune. yikes.

  2. What?? YOu REFUSED Gucci shoes?!?? Crazy, girl.

  3. Your husband sounds like a sweetheart!