Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blues or Blessings

I have the "Job has to go back to school and can't play with me all day anymore" blues.
Which consequently means when I get home from work, or on days I don't work, I have zero motivation to do anything.
I wish all the extra time meant I redecorated my house/organized my pantry/ran a marathon/solved world hunger issues/knitted potholders for the entire Relief Society/got dressed in the morning.
But sadly it means I have caught up on lame t.v. shows.
I realize this may seem ridiculous, but when you get spoiled by having your husband home most of the time during the holiday break it is a sad day when he has to go be productive and get an education. and stuff.

But you know what? I just went to the temple tonight with a group of women and it was just what I needed. Something to help me focus on what is most important. Which certainly is not that list of "I want"s that I posted a few days ago. It's ok to want things, but it is not ok to let those things occupy your thoughts all the time (I am preaching to myself here).
If I make a list of things I do have, it is so much longer than my wants list. That's the list I need to focus on more. My blessings.

Thanks for listening blog, this was therapeutic ;)

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