Friday, January 27, 2012

Flash Back Friday: Dinner Conversation

My Dad loved doing surgery. And he was good at it. He was a podiatrist/podiatric surgeon, and all his patients loved him. I was his patient several times and I sure did.
He would bring up surgery at the dinner table while we were growing up, which  brought interested comments from mum (she is a very good wife :) and "ewwww!"s from us kids.
Once I got out of the "ew" stage I found it fascinating. He would help me with my Anat and phys homework in high school. He would let me borrow his preserved bones to study/make a cool Halloween costume. He was so proud that I became a nurse. And once, my sister and I got to observe while he performed a day of surgeries. It was a blessing we did it when we did. Those were the last surgeries he performed.
But more than what we talked about, I remember just having dinner together as a family each night. It made a big impact in my life and I am so grateful for wonderful parents who made that a priority.