Monday, February 20, 2012

WHAT'S in your bag?!

Have you ever read those "What's in my bag" blog posts? They were all the rage a while back. Well the few I read always went something like this:

"I have lipstick, mascara, my credit card, a mirror, and an advil"

Well, I was cleaning out my bag the other day and realized that the contents were perhaps slightly less glamorous.

On any given day my bright polka-dot tote contains:

1 sphygmomanometer
1 stethoscope
4 pens, 2 pencils, and 1 notebook
3 books
4 sterile normal saline bullets
1 random non-latex glove--bright blue (it's such a hot color right now)
1 bottle of heavy duty hand cream
and a bottle of advil

Hmm, any guess what this gal does for a living? ;)

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